Do you remember your first puppy?


One cool, fall evening our family went for a drive. I was sandwiched in the back seat between my brother and sister. We stopped at a house so that my dad could “talk with a man.” Mom and we three kids waited in the car for what seemed like hours. My dad finally jumped back in the car. I peered over the front seat as he unzipped his jacket and a puppy emerged! It was a small, brown dachshund. I immediately smiled.


I recently had the same smile on my face when Tara Riehle arrived at the studio with 8 adorable German shepherd puppies. Oh, the smiles and laughter puppies evoke! Here are a few images from that photo shoot. I hope they bring you pleasant memories, reminders of your first puppy, and a smile or two.



For more information about purchasing one of these puppies go to:  Riehlhaus German Shepherds

You Don’t Have to Leave Your Canine Friend at Home

I make a special point to take my dog Charlie with me when I’m going somewhere that I know allows dogs. I recently put together a list of local businesses that are dog-friendly. I just today made the list available to subscribers to my monthly newsletter. If you’d like to be included, click the link at right.