In August 2016 a goal was accomplished and a dream achieved by Andrea Alt.  


After having served 10½ years as a police officer, Alt enrolled in a K-9 training program. Fourteen weeks later she became the Amberley Village Police Department’s first female K-9 handler. 


Creed, her German Shepherd, has been by her side now for close to 2½ years. He arrived from Czechoslovakia at  the age of 16 months.


“When I first met him,” says Andrea, “he was like a wild animal who did not trust anyone. After a few weeks of training, and hours on end, I was able to get him to not leave my side. Building that trust was amazing.” 


Amberley Village is one of approximately ten police departments with K-9 units in Hamilton County, Ohio


Based on their overall health, dogs trained for K-9 units can serve from 7-12 years. But there’s more to life than just service. The years of working together bonds the dogs and their handlers.


So, when Creed retires he will remain with Andrea — as a lifetime companion.


Do you remember your first puppy?


One cool, fall evening our family went for a drive. I was sandwiched in the back seat between my brother and sister. We stopped at a house so that my dad could “talk with a man.” Mom and we three kids waited in the car for what seemed like hours. My dad finally jumped back in the car. I peered over the front seat as he unzipped his jacket and a puppy emerged! It was a small, brown dachshund. I immediately smiled.


I recently had the same smile on my face when Tara Riehle arrived at the studio with 8 adorable German shepherd puppies. Oh, the smiles and laughter puppies evoke! Here are a few images from that photo shoot. I hope they bring you pleasant memories, reminders of your first puppy, and a smile or two.



For more information about purchasing one of these puppies go to:  Riehlhaus German Shepherds