Our Charlie Girl is on a grain-free diet. So, I wanted to create a treat that would be both healthy for her and easy for me.


  • 1 cup white rice flour*
  • 1 medium banana, smashed
  • ¼ cup peanut butter**
  • 3 T. water
  1. Mix all ingredients together. Add more water or flour as needed.
  2. Roll out dough to ¼ inch thick on a lightly floured surface. Use a cookie cutter to cut into desired shapes or use a bottle cap to create smaller treats.
  3. Place dog treats on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake for 15 – 25 minutes. Time varies depending on the size of the treat.
  4. Allow to cool completely before storing in a paper bag. The dog treats will soften if stored in an airtight container.


This makes approximately 60 treats. These will last for a couple weeks — although, if it were up to our Charlie Girl, they would be gone in a day. She loves them! As with any treat, give them sparingly. You can freeze some for later.


*Please note: I used white rice flour but, for other grain-free options, you can use quinoa, bean, or oat flour (or a combination).

**The best peanut butter is raw with no added sugar or salt. Make sure the peanut butter does not  contain Xylitol (a type of sweetener that is toxic to dogs).

Do you remember your first puppy?


One cool, fall evening our family went for a drive. I was sandwiched in the back seat between my brother and sister. We stopped at a house so that my dad could “talk with a man.” Mom and we three kids waited in the car for what seemed like hours. My dad finally jumped back in the car. I peered over the front seat as he unzipped his jacket and a puppy emerged! It was a small, brown dachshund. I immediately smiled.


I recently had the same smile on my face when Tara Riehle arrived at the studio with 8 adorable German shepherd puppies. Oh, the smiles and laughter puppies evoke! Here are a few images from that photo shoot. I hope they bring you pleasant memories, reminders of your first puppy, and a smile or two.



For more information about purchasing one of these puppies go to:  Riehlhaus German Shepherds