When you pick up a camera which eye do you use to look through the viewfinder? Most people use their right eye. I would too, except, I can’t. My right eye is “lazy”.


At the age of 16, I went to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to get my driver license. I was given an eye exam. The only letter on the eye chart that I could see with my right eye was the letter E — in part because I knew that was the letter at the top of the chart. When I was unable to distinguish any of the other letters with my right eye I was asked by the administrator, “What are you? Blind?”


That question echoed in my mind. I felt defeated and disabled, limited by my vision.


Maybe this is why, when I look through the lens, I am truly amazed by the details. It is the face that draws me in. I see every color in a pet’s eyes, every wisp of fur, and the uniqueness of every animal.


To this day I have a choice to make. I can say, “If only I had two good eyes then I would be a better photographer.” Or I can say, “I only need one good eye to look through my camera –and that is what I have!”


It’s in those moments of taking a picture that I celebrate what I can see, every detail of God’s creation, and I am thankful for one good eye.


My “vision” is limitless.

This post is about an organization that encourages dog owners to train their animals to be therapy dogs. Read below to see how you can participate. — Barb


Everyone needs

Cheering Up

from time to time


Maybe it’s YOU

& YOUR DOG they’ve been

waiting for!







Canines for Christ of Greater Cincinnati is a faith-based pet therapy organization that provides training for dog owners looking for a way to share faith or encouragement in a comforting, non-threatening way. Canines for Christ (CFC) dogs and handlers visit schools, libraries, nursing homes, hospice care facilities, and community events, bringing love, comfort, fun, and encouragement to those who often need it most.

YOU CAN GET INVOLVED! Here’s how . . .

CFC is offering an 8-week pet therapy training program for dog owners at the Whitewater Crossing Christian Church (5771 St. Rt. 128, Cleves, OH).

Classes start Tuesday night, Sept. 4th

(6-7:30 pm).

$75.00 Class Fee

At the end of the program, you and your dog can test to become a licensed therapy team.

NO PREREGISTRATION REQUIRED. Registration will be handled the evening of the 1st class, so come early!


For more information visit the

Canines for Christ


Whitewater Crossing